The Detox System

From Director, Gulrukh Khan

The Detox System from Emanuelle MossI had the wonderful opportunity to have 3 x ionic footbath detox sessions sponsored by Emanuelle Moss, a highly gifted Holistic Practitioner & Nutritionist based in London.

Description of Product:

The DETOX SYSTEM is an accredited therapeutic apparatus, which increases your body’s immune system and assists to expel harmful toxins, restoring the body back to health.  It interacts well with other beauty treatments thanks to the preliminary cleansing of the body.

With the use of the DETOX SYSTEM, the water in the footbath and all of its contents becomes ionized. This process is based on the electrons from an atom or particles breaking away. As a result of a positively charged ion, free electrons are produced either from a neutral atom or a particle. Once the chemical bonds break, one piece of the particle receives both electrons, which were previously paired in the bond. This breakup is called ‘electrolytic dissociation’ – which results in the formation of loose ion pairs.

In other words, with the use of this treatment, the voltage of the cell membrane reaches the appropriate potential. The re-building of the appropriate energy balance within cells increases their ability to perform functions such as, processing nutrients and other substances necessary for life. It also facilitates the elimination of metabolism of waste by-products and toxins.

My Experience:

The actual Ionic foot-bath itself was a very effective detoxification treatment. I sat for 30 minutes each time with my feet in warm, slightly salty water whilst he water gradually changed colours in varying degrees, to show the discharge of toxins in the system.

There are detox patches for this available on the market, but this treatment is much more potent, soothing and concentrated, without having to stick patches on the feet all night for days on end. I was surprised at the amount of toxins & heavy metals released from all the pollution in London, and after the sessions I felt cleansed, lighter and clearer. I definitely felt a difference; similar to the feeling after a deep massage and slept soundly on all nights.

Really worth booking sessions with Emanuelle and to experience the effects and results for yourself. It is quite miraculous.

Emanuelle  is German Board-certified since 2003 by Regumed in Human medicine & Nutrition, Allergy and Food Intolerances, Kinesiology and Bio-Resonance therapy.

Her philosophy and goal is to help clients understand the underlying root cause of their health disorders instead of just treating the symptoms. And to ensure they achieve their desired ultimate health objective and well being.

Clients are tested individually via kinesiology (a muscle testing technique) or a pendulum, enabling them to witness their own body’s response to identify;

  •     Food intolerances
  •     The cause of reoccurring ailments
  •     Food cravings and it’s association with mineral deficiencies

Emanuelle’s methodology involves guiding a client through a bespoke program, designed and tailored to suit their individual requirements, ranging from:

  •     Nutritional programs and detoxification options designed for weight loss – to achieve optimum nutrition and maintain health and vitality.
  •     Treating chronic disease or particular ailments (such as chronic-fatigue, Alzheimer’s, high cholesterol, asthma, arthritis, weight gain, mood disorders, hair loss, recurrent infections, insomnia, irritability, PMS, PCOS, osteoporosis etc.)
  •     Cellular Ionic detoxification and chelation therapy
  •     Testing for food allergies and intolerances and identifying missing key nutrients and vitamins.

Although our bodies are on automatic pilot and will perform for us regardless of our lifestyle choices, there is no question that they will serve us better on the physical level but also affect our deeper emotional and psychological well being when properly nurtured.

You can take an aspirin for a headache but there is no ‘quick-fix pill’ for overall health.  It requires education and a lifelong commitment to understand the cause of ‘dis-ease’.

For further information and bookings contact:
Emanuelle Moss
Tel: +44(0)7790 020246

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