Spirit2Power At The Martial Arts Show 2011, Birmingham NEC

Director Gulrukh Khan with Spirit2Power Star Martial Artist Zara Phythian

It was great to be able to premiere the trailer for Spirit2Power at The Martial Arts Show Live in May 2011.

There were big names there and legends such as Cynthia Rothrock, known as the Queen of Martial Arts and widely considered to be the female equivalent to Bruce Lee. Also Joe Lewis…the Karate Legend.

The whole of the NEC hall was full of top class performers and Martial Artists such as Silvio Simac, Julian Dales’s Lionance team who opened the show with their colourful performance, Julie Kitchen the World champion in the ring doing Muay Tai Kickboxing and the Kwoklyn Wan (the brother of TV style Guru Gok Wan), who was doing fierce cage fighting, though in reality he is the gentlest and sweetest Soul…

Zara Phythian was also hosting and I managed to say a small speech near the end of the show up on stage with Zara, which I understand is part of the Martial Arts Show Live DVD now out for sale that it is hard to recall all of them. Needless to say, I was lucky to meet Silvio, Julian, Julie and Cynthia, and invited them to participate in Spirit2Power, as I had a stand there…where my trailer was being shown. Next year promises to be even better – and I will definitely be there!


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