New Spirit2Power Martial Arts Docu-Film Trailer Released

We’re proud to be able to present the new trailer for Spirit2Power, featuring some of the individuals we spoke to during filming, including Martial Arts mega-star and 13 times World Champion, Sensei Zara Phythian, Grandmaster Choi, Danny Paradise – Yoga Guru to the Hollywood Elite, and BBC presenter, actor, and performance artist, Mat Fraser – an avid karate practitioner despite being born with phocomelia of both arms, due to his mother being prescribed thalidomide during her pregnancy.

Spirit2Power examines the Spirit of Martial Arts through stunning Martial Arts performances, exquisite forms and beautiful Katas, but also looks closely into the Spirit through mental discipline, spiritual benefits and focus, how Martial Arts bring together mind, body and soul to create a whole greater than the sum of its’ constituent parts. Our Martial Artists have spent decades training their minds and bodies to near super-human levels so they are able to do incredible things you and I would find impossible. Through the Martial Arts they have also discovered a new stronger sense of spirituality, a focus to their lives, and are driven to seek true enlightenment.

A true understanding of Martial Arts requires a person to fill themselves with the Spirit of Martial Arts – otherwise it’s been said that a person who lacks the Spirit will be unable to gain a deep and complete understanding of their particular discipline.

“The Martial Arts’ Spirit is the true master of the Martial Arts.” This martial spirit transcends everything. Martial arts teach ideals such as consideration, courtesy, respect, morality, integrity, modesty, and a positive outlook. Without these mental qualities, a student is described merely as “a monkey with a gun.”- Kyong Sik Song, Author of the OHTC Expert’s Guide to the Martial Arts.

As well as learning their particular discipline through practice and more practice, a student must come to understand the mental requirements of that discipline, focus and strength, but must also accept the Spirit – a Spirit that defines every Martial Artist worth their salt, a common vision, a standard for exemplary behaviour, great character, strength of purpose and clarity of vision. Without the Spirit, a person will never truly realise their full potential.

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