Kala del Sol – Spiritual Author, Poet and Teacher

from Director of Spirit2Power, Gulrukh Khan

I had a couple of wonderful sessions with Kala, to see her skills. We have been friends for many years. I found her to be very intuitive and insightful with her work, and would definitely recommend her..

She adds new perspectives to things that you may be wanting to find solutions to.

·✰☽ Kalá del Sol is a Spiritual Author, poet and teacher…an International Psycho-spiritual Therapist.

Kalá del Sol offers one-on-one Therapy and Spiritual Counselling in the Process to Clarity as well as International Meditation Retreats and workshops.

Her book A Vision of Beauty brings together an alchemist’s blend of assertiveness and poetry. Based on her inner exploration, experience and timeless teachings, the core of the book aims at living Consciously, becoming aware of the mechanisms of the mind and of our true Nature, thus enabling us to live in beauty and peace, enjoying the miracle of being alive.
It is an inspirational spiritual work of art.

She has a Degree in Psychology from UBA University and has lived in Asia looking for answers to her own suffering and confusion, for extended periods, delving into Taoism, Advaita and Zen Bhuddism, with different masters.

She has practised and trained in countless therapy methods – Gestalt, Psychoanalysis, Systemic Relationships, Hypnotherapy, Psychodrama, Group Dynamics. Also alternative and spiritual methods, Family Constellations, Tantra, Meditation, Reiki Mastery, Breathing Techniques, Voicing… and a long list of other qualifications.

25 years of experience assisting suffering beings enable her on a solid foundation of integrated compassion, wisdom and Consciousness.

Kalá was born and raised in Corrientes, Northeast Argentina, and lives in Ibiza since 30 years ago with her family.


Contact Kalá for Private One-onOne Phone-Online Therapy Sessions at kaladelsol@gmail.com

Get the book ‘A Vision of Beauty’ at www.createspace.com

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