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from Director of Spirit2Power, Gulrukh Khan
I had the fortune to be introduced recently to a great Psychic (by a mutual friend, Janine Regan) who sponsored me for some readings and interviewed me on his BlogTalkRadio show. I would definitely recommend him. He is uncannily accurate, and a great Soul.
I found him to be fast with information and very sensitive in the way he transmitted higher information.
Jethro Smith - PsychicPsychic Jethro Smith, part Native American Indian and part Dutch, was born psychically gifted and has always been able to see and hear metaphysical energies and the spirit realm. His gift was recognized and developed from an early age and heightened after a near-death experience. He began in kindergarten reading his friends’ auras, listening to their guides, angels and loved ones who had crossed over and communicating messages and future events.
Through his unique personal life and experiences from the other side, Jethro has developed a refreshing approach to both life and the afterlife. He is non-judgmental, empathetic, and not easily taken by surprise. He is an exceptionally accurate reader with a sense of humour attained from the perspective of seeing the larger picture of life’s experiences.
Jethro Smith has been professionally reading for over thirty years and is registered in the World’s Best and Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers 2012. He is the founder and host of the blog-talk radio show Psychics Gone Wild.
Author of Living in the Psychic Realm, Jethro seeks to enable others to understand the sixth sense. Written through the eyes of an eight-year-old, it is a must-read for anyone growing up “different,” and it easily serves as a how-to manual on developing one’s own psychic skills.
Psychic Jethro is available for readings and appearances and can be reached in the US at 928-284-0437 and on Skype: Jethro Smith

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