Spirit2Power – The Film

Spirit2Power is an evocative, feature-length docu-film presenting a journey into the Spirit of Martial Arts. It is set against the backdrop of Turkey’s southern panoramic coastline with special guest appearances, featuring world champions and international specialists.

It will take the viewer into a meditative experience, by combining stunning martial arts sequences with esoteric poetry and prose.

The purpose is to demonstrate our intrinsic connection with everything around us. The male and female polarities of Expression (Yin and Yang) will be explored in a theatrical, yet lyrical, way, within a multi-combination of techniques from various disciplines (such as Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, Kobudo, Kick Boxing and Karate) .

This will be achieved through choreographed sequences, perfomed by Sensei Zara Phythian, Sword Master Cecily Fay, and Sensei Sifu Rob Ho. All are well-established multi discipline masters of their martial arts, and rapidly emerging figures within the world of film and performance. The cast is filled out with a selection of the creme de la creme of the World’s top martial artists, who feature in a number of exhilarating group sequences.

Visually, the content is highly stylised, rich with vivid colours and textures. Filming has been set in a variety of locations, with tranquil and powerful backdrops; against ancient city ruins and mountainous backdrops; by the ocean and by running water. Images will include dawn and late afternoon to dusk. This choice of backdrops is to visually demonstrate the refection of Self with Nature; and the movement of Qi within Self and our external world.

All religious and cultural boundaries are dissolved, by not focusing solely upon the specific origins of the disciplines. Rather, a fusion of esoteric concepts originating from the Sufi traditions, Kabbalah, Hindu Vedas, Buddhist scriptures and the ‘Christos’ Essence will be combined. This is to demonstrate Unification with ALL…..and the principle of ONE-ness.

Poetic and spiritually related passages will be recited throughout, interspersed with narration, to explain the sequences and postures. The music will be ambient and classical, with natural sounds incorporated. There will also be personal recitations from Zara, Cecily and Rob to express their own experiences with the sequences. This to support a deeper awareness of them as Practitioners on ‘The Path of Awakening to True Self’ and inner power.

The viewer will be lulled into a slightly hypnotic mode…ensuring the ‘journey’ they are taken on will deeply relax them. The affirmations shared by the narrator with the viewer, will encourage an ‘expanded mindset’, and ensure this ‘journey’ will be taken over and over again.