Production Team

The Team Behind Spirit2Power

Gulrukh Khan – (Producer – Director – Narrator)

Gulrukh Khan, Producer and Director of Spirit2Power

Gulrukh Khan is a highly experienced International film maker, and has directed, produced and scripted a diverse range of short films, education videos and documentaries. Amongst these are a 5 x 1 hour documentary series on dolphins, marine life and human impact. The main subject of her Dolphin series, Rick O’Barry, trained the Flipper dolphins for the popular TV series “FLIPPER’, and won the Oscar for Best Documentary Film for ‘THE COVE’ at the 2010 Oscars.

She has also produced and co- scripted a short film on Relief Advertising called ‘Mantra for the New Millennium’, along with the (late) award winning director Michael Portelly. (Best remembered for his award winning film ‘Oceans Daughter’, and highly acclaimed Cheltenham and Gloucester Building Society TV advertisement – of a boy diving for a pearl). ‘Mantra for the New Millenium’ was shown in the presence of ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair at The Festival of Light in 2000 at Alexander Palace. The film was subsequently also shown at the UN Peace Summit the following year in the presence of Kofi Anan, and at International ‘Ocean related’ festivals.

Gulrukh is also a fully qualified Holistic Practitioner, dealing with  Mind, Body and Spirit. She has extensively studied Energetic Balancing along with other Wholistic modalities including: Clinical Aromatherapy with Acupressure Massage and Advanced Theta Healing. She comes from a long line of Complimentary Medical Practitioners, including her Paternal Grandfather Sir Maqsood Jung, who was the Unani Practitioner to The Nizam of Hyderabad and the ‘then’ – President of India. Unani, or Yunani, is a traditional Graeco-Asian medical treatment practiced widely in South-East Asia, and based on the teachings of Greek Physician Hippocrates, and Roman physician Galen.

Her late Uncle Idries Shah was renowned for his books on Sufism, and was best remembered for introducing Sufism to Western Academia.

Roger Pomphrey – (Acclaimed Director – Lighting Cameraman for Cynthia Rothrock Shoot)

Roger Pomphrey is a highly experienced and versatile self-shooting Director/Producer who has worked across the spectrum of television and film. His range spans documentary, comedy, drama, commercials, music videos and multi-cam studio shoots with credits that include documentaries such as the award winning ‘Life, Death and Damien Hirst’, ‘Who the F*** is Pete Doherty?’, the comedy series ‘Armstrong and Miller’ and the popular ‘Three Men Go To Ireland’.

Roger‘s career started in the British film industry working his way up through various departments as Transport Captain, Production Runner, Art Department and then on to 3rd Assistant Director For ‘The Comic Strip Productions’ with Peter Richardson. He has also worked with Mike Leigh, Stephen Fears, Richard Eyre and David Hare. As a 1st Assistant Director, he worked on nearly 300 music videos and commercials by artists including UB40,Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger, Wham,Michael Jackson, Pet Shop Boys and many others, assisting the industry’s leading and most talented directors.

He then progressed to Directing after 6 years working in all aspects of production. A natural communicator with boundless energy, Roger‘s productions are noted for their glorious photographic quality and regard for television budgets. He has worked in many diverse locations and countries including Russia, USA, Europe and India. He thrives under pressure and deadlines and has an excellent reputation for getting the best performances from actors, crew and production teams. Each project, no matter how big or small, is approached with commitment, enthusiasm and passion. He is considered by many to be a very ‘safe pair of hands’. Roger has directed many of the country’s leading comedians and performers including the following: Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Alan Carr, Jimmy Carr, Griff Rhys Jones, Dara O’Briain, Noel Fielding, Justin Lee Collins, Keith Allen, Lily Savage, Bob Monkhouse, Keith Floyd, Harry Dean Stanton, Rich Fulcher, Mohammed al Fayed,John Bishop and many others.

Hugo Levien – (Lighting Cameraman, UK)

Hugo has had quite a varied career in the film industry. He originally trained as a Rostrum Cameraman working on the ‘The Wall’ and ‘Roger Rabbit’, then worked as a clapper loader with the BBC, and as a focus puller. As a lighting cameraman, having shot about 80 music videos, he went on to have successful spell as a Promo Director under the name The Firm, directing videos for acts like David Morales and The Jungle brothers. Hugo also worked with Julien Temple on the Sex Pistols Documentary and The Joe Strummer story, and with Radio 6 DJ, legendary Musician and Film-Director, Don Letts, on numerous projects.

He has had a keen eye for the visually exciting from a young age – at fourteen he had a photographic darkroom and made his first film, made on 8mm. He has a photograph hanging in Buckingham Palace, and has just finished shooting a Gothic Feature directed by Louise Chambers and an art documentary about Glastonbury for Julien Temple.

Martin Gooch – (Lighting Cameraman, Turkey Shoot)

Martin Gooch Director of Photography for Spirit2PowerMartin Gooch is a BBC-trained, BAFTA winning, Emmy nominated Cameraman and Director.

He has worked on more than 200 productions, including popular television soap series such as ‘Eastenders’, ‘Doctors’, ‘Hollyoaks’, Channel4/Endemol’s ‘Big Brother’, and Robot Wars.

His film pedigree includes ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, and he has recently sold his first feature film script “The Dead And The Damned”.

Martin is studying for a Masters degree in Screenwriting, and is involved in cutting-edge visual production – he directed all the live content from the BBC’s interactive ‘Spooks’ website.

Ross Boyask – (Editor)

Ross Boyask - Editor, Spirit2PowerRoss Boyask was born in Brighton and studied Media Production at Bournemouth University. He has shot, edited and directed in excess of forty short films including the critically acclaimed martial arts action short ‘Pure Vengeance’ which starred Scott Adkins (The Bourne Ultimatum, Undisputed II, Ninja) and was praised by the critic Jonathan Ross who featured the film on his television show ‘Stop! Kung Fu!’ In 2004 Ross went on to shoot, edit and direct his first feature-length martial arts action film ‘Left For Dead’, which sold in nearly twenty territories including the USA, UK and France, before editing and directing his latest high octane action thriller ‘Ten Dead Men’, which was released internationally in 2009, has been covered extensively by national and international magazines, television shows and websites, and was very well received at film festivals including the legendary Phantasmagoria. Ten Dead Men was released in the UK at the end of May 2009, was nominated for the Best Action Film award at the End Of The Pier Festival and went on to sell more than 50,000 units in the UK alone. Internationally, Ten Dead Men has sold to more than 20 territories.

Ross is the Director of Acquisitions for Stealth Media Group, a UK distributor and International sales agent, and has an extensive practical knowledge of the film acquisitions and sales process. He is currently in post-production on the martial arts fantasy film ‘Warrioress‘ starring Cecily Fay, and is developing a slate of cutting edge-genre film and television projects, including Martial Arts, Science Fiction and Horror films in the US$5M budget range. His key film-making influences include Walter Hill, Sam Peckinpah, Luc Besson and John Woo.

Vic ‘Guvnor’ Marke – (Action Choreographer – Expert Advisor)

Vic Guvnor - Action Choreographer and Expert Advisor, Spirit2PowerMaster Marke currently holds Black Belts in Freestyle Kickboxing and Karate (6th dan) and Taekwondo (5th dan). He has long been an established figure in the East Midlands Martial Arts scene, as one of the leading Martial Arts coaches, with a history of excellence and achievements in a variety of  Martial Art systems throughout the UK.

A former professional Martial Arts Academy owner, now retired, who has coached more than 15 World Champions, Master Marke – also known as ‘Guvnor’ – is more well-known these days for his involvement in filmmaking, production and editing. He is still involved in the Martial Arts as a personal coach to our starring actress, Zara Phythian, in addition to being an Expert Advisor and Coach for the National School of Champions.

Emrah Mihyaz – (Assistant Producer, Turkey Local Shoot)

Emrah Mihyaz, Assistant Producer (Turkey)Emrah is a Turkish native, and has travelled throughout Europe representing the Turkish National Karate Team. He has won a variety of National and International Martial Arts titles, and is known in particular for his Karate-Do skills. He has studied Martial Arts since he was 12 years old, and practices Karate-do, Iai-Jutsu and Kobu-Jutsu. He is a ‘Shihan’ level instructor and 5th Dan Black Belt in Karate – do, and a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Iai-jutsu and Kobu-Jutsu.

Emrah also possesses a degree in Construction (Civil Engineering) and has a partnership with a well-known regional construction company in Kalkan, Southern Turkey.

Emrah‘s passion for photography has brought him a vaste amount of local advertising work for companies in his region.

Erman Alp – (Sound Recordist)

ErErman Alp - Sound Recordist, Spirit2Powerman Alp is also a Turkish national. He graduated in Business Administration from the Middle East Technical University, one of the most respected universities in Turkey – the equivalent of Oxford or Cambridge in the UK or Yale, MIT or Harvard in the US.

After realising his ambition to study film, Erman made two short films as Director and Scriptwriter, and worked on several film projects in Turkey in a wide variety of roles – as a Sound Man, Sound Designer, Camera Assistant, and Assistant Director.

Spirit2Power is Erman’s first feature length project.

Georgis Lyronis – (Post Production Coordination Assistant to Director)

George Lyronis - Post Production Coordination Assistant to Director, Spirit2PowerGeorgis hails from Greece, where he began his successful career as a media professional, with a strong background in the televisual disciplines of Reality programming, Documentaries, Docu-Soaps and Live Entertainment TV. He has worked for commercial broadcasters and production companies across the globe – in Greece, Great Britain, Malaysia and New Zealand, working as editor-in-chief for world-recognised TV phenomena like ‘Greece’s Got Talent’, ‘X-Factor’ in Greece  for Freemantle Media and Strix, for whom he also acted as a Director on Location,  and a reporter on ‘The Bar’ 1&2, ‘Popstars’, ‘Super Idol’, ‘Survivor’ 1 & 2 (Malaysia), and ‘The Farm’ 1&2.

His wide range of skills and experience includes editing, production, story sequence editing, research and script editing, and he even appeared as a ‘Stand-up Reporter’ and game coordinator in the Greek Variety show ‘Poly Tin Kiriaki’. Georgis has studied at the National Film and Television School, Beaconsfield, The BBC Academy at White City, and the London School of Journalism.

Hugh Nott – (Script Collaboration and Consultant)

For some time after Agricultural college, Hugh travelled, with the Free festival convoy, and with Sadhus in India. After studying Herbalism he started a career in Film, wrote several shorts and cut 16mm film in a ram shackle edit suite in London. This uninspiring environment captured him for some time in the 80’s, till he decided to start directing his own works. He worked with Rubber Moon Productions, principally directing a Documentary on Hats called Headcase and won the Reely Film Competition for his camera / direction. (16mm, Super 8 and 35mm). He then set up his own company called Spillinglight Films and made several films in India and Taiwan on the Kumbah Mela and the Yenshui Fireworks festivals, respectively.

He returned to assist Gulrukh Khan in Assistant Producing and scripting  ‘Blue Velvet in Sinai’, and later another of her films, ‘Mantra for the Millennium’ for the Hinduja Brothers. This hard-hitting environmental short was a forerunner of Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, which took a few pages from our work. Since then he has become a keen Urban Beekeeper, and writer. He organizes events for a local fundraising group called the Kensal Town Fund and raises monies for local and international charities.

Tuğçe Sönmez – (Camera Assistant)

Tugce Sonmez - Camera Assistant, Spirit2PowerTuğçe Sönmez is a young filmmaker from Turkey.

After graduating as an Industrial Designer from Middle East Technical University, she began to build her skills behind the camera with the ambition of becoming a director.

She has written, directed and filmed her first short film, as well as working as a camera assistant and sound designer on several productions, in Turkey, throughout the Balkans, and in England.

Luxmi Gosh – (PR and Communications)

A powerful individual with strong passion in everything she undertakes, from a very young age Luxmi Gosh set her sights on the big world of showbiz, armed with just her dreams and her ambition. Then one day, from the pages of a magazine, an advertisement entitled ‘Presenter Wanted’ leapt out at her. With no experience, she still applied and, after a lot of foot work and dead-ends, Luxmi got her first break – on BBC’s CountryFile, where she worked with legendary Newsround presenter,  John Craven. She went on to present for LWT, working on the showbiz desk, and presenting the International Indian Film Awards at the Milleniumn Dome. It was here she gained valuable experience, interviewing major Hollywood stars such as Angelina Jolie, martial arts legend Jackie Chan, and Kylie Minogue – herself a keen martial artist who starred in martial arts fighting game adaptation, Street Fighter.

Luxmi also worked on serious factual news items, covering such issues as drugs in the Asian Community – which led to a drugs helpline for parents, families and users being established, giving them valuable support in difficult times. As well as her television career, Luxmi also read the news on SSVC, and is a published author, having have written for national newspapers and magazines including The Daily Mirror and Smash Hits. Does Luxmi enjoy her work? When asked, she reveals she has had “a brilliant time. It’s been exciting and, at times, scary. It’s been fantastic – I’ve interviewed and met people that many dream of meeting, but that’s showbiz!”

Toby Grimmet – (Photoshop Stills)

Toby Grimmett is a graduate of Fine Art and English Literature from the University of Aberystwyth.

As an illustrator and animator he has worked on various short films and for magazines. By the summer of 2011 he shall have worked as an intern in California for special efffects make-up artist Thomas Burman. Toby is also a member of the art movement Intentism.

Orson Stanford-Durkin – (Post Production Intern)

At 13, Orson Stanford-Durkin created an account on YouTube, as a way to procrastinate from school exams. Three years later, the internet show (known as 0zMovies) has amassed millions of views and thousands of people subscribing to the show. Videos range from him talking to the camera, to interviewing celebrities such as Jim Broadbent. Hoping to get into the film business, Orson, now 16, is getting work experience working on Channel 4’s My Family’s Crazy Gap Year and of course, Spirit2Power. Although starring in Josh Appignanesi’s Song of Songs, CBBC’s Story Makers, and hosting on Ireland’s iRadio station, Orson wants to transition from acting into more ‘behind-the-camera-stuff’. Though unsure about his future, he hopes to become a director. For now, he has his A-Levels to worry about. Orson has assisted the director with transcribing, logging, technical troubleshooting, creating picture and video folders and uploading material to YouTube.

Laura Stratford – (PA)

Laura Stratford is a young filmmaker from London and has pursued this passion ever since she was little. When she was at Secondary school, she learnt about filmmaking and editing in her spare time. Thus, she was able to develop her techniques when making numerous short films for various projects, and given the chance to create the first ever visual prospectus for her school.

Hoping to work in film in the future, she’s always been proactive when it comes to searching for work experience placements. So far, she has worked as an intern on the shoot of ‘44 Inch Chest‘, at the BFI’s 54th London Film Festival and in several film production companies, including Revolution Films and Working Title. She’s also had a taste of TV production, after being a runner at live broadcasts of the BBC Proms. On the side, she likes to film theatre productions and put together behind-the-scenes footage.

Laura has assisted the director with logging, transcribing, uploading footage onto the web and editing stills. She has also been of personal assistance when dealing with daily administrative and secretarial tasks.

Laia Enrich – (Post Production Coordinator)

Laia is a freelance Producer from Barcelona with a diverse background in the Film and Media industry. Her passion for this scene pushed her to move to London, where she has co-produced a Latin-American feature film and has worked in the production of several film projects.

In Barcelona, Laia worked for Procter & Gamble in the Marketing department of one of their Spanish multinationals and also for the Communication & Press Office in one of the Spanish Government’s branches. She also collaborated in a couple radio stations as an interviewer and in two local magazines as a writer, as well as assisting in a few production companies as a Production Assistant or Runner.

Then, since she graduated in Audiovisual Communication (BA) from the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona), she has gained a wide variety of skills that have given her a good understanding of the whole process of filmmaking.

Charlie Nichols – (Director’s Assistant, Post Production)

Charlie has been working as one of the Director’s personal assistants both in the production office and on location. He has assisted in transcribing, logging, research and editing script.

Charlie was inspired to work in film and television by his time shadowing one of the head’s of programming at RTE’s broadcasting studios in Dublin. On the completion of his degree in English Literature at the University of York he began to gain work experience on a number of programmes, including work for the Oprah Network in the States.

He is a keen amateur film maker, and has worked on a number of independent film projects, both behind and in front of the camera. Charlie also enjoys writing and has been involved in several script writing sessions. He assisted the director in the compilation of an article published in Combat Magazine (Nov 2011) However he is currently focusing on drafting his ideas for short stories and scripts for short films.

Rad Kubon – (Stills Cameraman for Julie Kitchen and Jon Bullock Shoot)

Rad Kubon is a London based photographer, with a strong interest in recording the atmosphere of the moment, his work is inspired by the immediate surroundings; people, landscapes and interiors. Paying attention to small details and simplicity within the photographs, the landscape of everyday life is centre to Rad’s attention.

Areas of interest: Fashion, Natural head-shots, Retro and vintage shoots, Lingerie and swimwear, Urban and rural shoots and far more.

Roman Koblov – (Director’s Assistant – Post Production)

Roman has been working as one of the Director’s personal assistants both in the production office and on location. He has assisted in transcribing, logging, research and editing script.

Roman has spent a great deal of his life overseas, even at a very young age – he was born in Russia, and spent his toddler years in the Middle East, before finally settling in North West London where he grew up. He is a graduate of Social Anthropology from St Andrews University in Scotland and is set on a career in the film industry, as a cinematographer/director.

Jennifer Farley – (Wholistic Assistance to Director)

Jennifer Farley was raised amid the dark green forests and powerful ley lines of Washington State.  From a very early age, she felt a deep connection to the Earth and The Creator.  Playing under the giant canopies of pine, she always felt at home and ‘Connected’.

As a natural intuitive and empath, Jennifer’ spiritual search led her to ThetaHealing and is certified as an Advanced ThetaHealing practitioner also recently completing her Basic DNA Teacher’s Certification course. She works with clients world-wide whilst continuing toward her goal of obtaining a Master of Science Degree in ThetaHealing.

Alice Mason – (Guest Artist for Still Paintings)

Alice Mason is an artist/painter and was born in Norfolk, UK, in 1964 and lived in Australia for part of her childhood.   She studied for a degree in Fine Art at Bath Academy of Art in the eighties.  Spirituality, mysticism, cellular structures, decoration, pattern, craft traditions and ornament/adornment are some of the sources which inspire her work. She now lives and works by the sea in East Sussex, England.  She has worked in Los Angeles as a scenic painter, and London, Las Vegas and the south of France as a muralist.  Now a mother, she works as a painter on canvas from her studio and exhibits her work regularly.  She also sells prints of her paintings online.  She is married to Nigel Green, an artist/photographer and has two children.

Michael Day – Spiritual Facilitator

Michael DayMichael Day is a much respected Psychic, Astrologer, Coach and Seminar Leader with 20 years experience in the UK and guest spots in Barbados, New York and Miami. He has also featured on TV as a Psychic including a Channel 4 documentary on the Predictions of Nostradamus. His synthesis of Divination Skills, Business Psychology and Metaphysics makes him a unique player on the New Age scene, with Celebrity Clients, Actors, Artists, and Corporates such as BP and WPP making use of his services. He is known as “Coach to the Coaches”.