World Renowned Martial Artists

Spirit2Power features the talents of several of the world’s foremost martial artists – starring Sensei Zara Phythian, Sensei Cecily Fay and Sifu Rob Ho, supported by a cast of world champions and celebrated Masters of diverse Martial Arts styles such as Tai Chi, Muay Thai, Quang, Chi Kung and Kickboxing, and weapons styles from Battodo to Wali Songo Silat.

  • Sensei Zara Phythian
  • Ibu Cecily Fay
  • Sifu Rob Ho

Martial Artist, Sensei Zara Phythian – The Lady Dragon

One of four sisters and stemming from an athletic family background, Sensei Phythian’s first experience as a Martial Artist was at the age of 6, and from that day on she was hooked. She took to Shotokan Karate as her first introduction in the arts. She studied to 2nd Dan level before her early teens, and was introduced to Nottingham’s leading Martial Arts centre at the time – the renowned School of Champions. At the age of 13, Zara began her cross training in Martial Arts, studying up to 7 days a week in Tae Kwon Do, Shaolin Wu Shu, Kickboxing and Freestyle Karate. She also began competing on the national and international point fighting circuits at the same time, winning awards including various British and European point fighting  titles.

Zara found her real passions lie as a traditional Martial Artist – and she expanded her sports fighting talents with Katas and Weapons Training,  in which she also excelled, soon competing at the highest level. Zara could compete with the best in fighting, forms and weapons  – a rare talent with expertise in sich diverse aspects of the Martial Artistry.

Still a young woman, Zara went on to win many world titles in all forms of Martial Arts competition she took part in – a true all-rounder, such a rarity in Martial Artists. At the age of 16, she was already teaching professionally as a much loved full-time instructor at the School of Champions in Nottingham, which she also managed.

In 2006, Zara became the first UK Martial Artist to be inducted into the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame. Today, Zara is mainly known for her work acting in Film & TV, but she still runs her own centre for Martial Artists, The Personal Best Academy. Her unique and successful training systems have helped train new generations of Black Belts, and her academy is known as a Centre of Excellence. She is also in great demand for her Lady Dragon Martial Arts seminars and workshops.

Sensei Zara Phythian was recently nominated as Young Businesswoman Of The Year 2010.

Achievements and Awards

  • 4th Dan Freestyle Karate  / Kickboxing
  • 3rd Dan Tae Kwon Do
  • 2nd Dan Shotokan Karate
  • 1st Degree Yi Tung Shaolin
  • WSA Stunt Fighting Certification
  • TCFS Level One Instructor
  • CSD Level One Instructor
  • 3rd Dan San Ryu Do

As a Competiting Martial Artist

  • 13 Time World Martial Arts Champion
  • Triple Womans World Grand Champion (Germany)
  • Double World Champion & Grand Champion (Spain)
  • 4-time US National Title Belt Champion
  • over 50 British Open Championships
  • World Point Fighting Champion
  • World Traditional Kata Champion
  • World Poomse Champion
  • World Creative / Musical Forms Champion
  • World Traditional Weapon Champion
  • 10 European Grand Champion Titles
  • WUMA European Champion
  • 8 Gold Medals at the Battle Of Champions, USA  2007
  • World Weapon Combat Champion
  • 6 World Champion Rings

Special Achievements and Awards

  • IKK Hall of Fame 2006
  • WOMAA Female Martial Artist Hall of Fame 2008
  • WOMAA International Instructor Hall of Fame 2010
  • OMAC Instructor of the Year Award
  • Sports Personality of the Year Award

Martial Artist, Sword Master Ibu Cecily Fay – The Warrioress

Cecily Fay stars in Spirit2PowerActress, champion martial artist, sword master, dancer, choreographer, writer, producer, singer, composer and stuntwoman, Ibu Cecily Fay is a multi-talented, to say the least, performance artist. Her credentials include producing, writing & starring in the feature Warrioress, creating Number One hit records with her band, The Morrighan, and acting in the lead role in groundbreaking drama/documentary, Gladiator Girl.

Showing promise from a very early age, Cecily became a child star by the age of 11, dancing in a series of major roles with the English National Ballet. This included both national and international tours, appearing at such highly-respected venues as The New York Metropolitan Opera House and The Kennedy Centre Washington; The Royal Festival Hall and The London Coliseum, Cecily received considerable personal critical acclaim both here and in the American press for her performances.

Ibu Cecily Fay began studying the Malay and Indonesian martial art Silat in 1995, and soon rose to become the European Champion in the form, winning two gold medals. She specialised in the very rare and beautiful Silat Melayu Royal Sword form and combat method,  and soon achieved the title of Sword Master. Cecily is now recognised as the foremost performer and instructor in Europe, Cecily has performed at prestigious venues all over Europe including the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

Sword Master Cecily Fay then became the Senior Instructor of Seni Silat Haqq Melayu and began teaching in 1999. She then went on to study the Indonesian style Wali Songo Silat, becoming an instructor in that style too in 2005. With 11 years of teaching experience, Cecily has formed Silat Scathach, drawing upon principles and techniques from both styles.

Cecily also studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Her acting career includes several highly acclaimed film and television roles such as her lead roles in action films Gladiatrix (Yorkshire TV/Channel 4) Warrioress (Fearful Symmetry Productions/Stealth Media) and Purifiers (Working Title/Kenwright Films).

Cecily has also performed as a stunt woman in numerous Hollywood films, including Tim Burtons ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ starring Johnny Depp.

Cecily’s love of live performance then led her to create ‘Babes With Blades’ – the all female martial arts performance company. Choreographed and directed by Cecily, the show is designed to promote dynamic female physicality through a new vision of martial arts. Her martial art performances with Babes With Blades have generated legions of fans nationally and internationally. They have performed at venues all over the world, including an exclusive performance in the Royal Palace in Dubai.

In 1997, Cecily teamed up with hit record producer Jon X and formed The Morrighan. Cecily is the singer and main writer/composer. The Morrighan have performed live at Glastonbury Festival, Brixton Academy, Fairfield Halls, Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium & Amnesia (the Ibiza superclub) to name but a few.

In 2000, one of The Morrighan’s three club hit records, ‘Follow Me’, was featured on the ‘Kevin & Perry Go Large’ blockbuster film and soundtrack. The Morrighan also wrote the score for ‘In the Wild – Meg Ryan Meets White Elephants’ for Tigress productions, shown worldwide.

Cecily has written and produced the soundtrack for the upcoming feature film ‘Warrioress’.

Martial Artist Sensei Sifu Rob Ho –  Modern Warrior

Martial Artist Sifu Rob Ho stars in Spirit2PowerSifu Rob Ho ‘Yiu Fay’has been training in martial arts for a quarter of a century, developing a reputation as a Modern Warrior with traditional values. Sifu Rob started screen fighting in the early part of 2007, when he was invited to become a member of Zara Phythian’s Screen Fighting Team. Since then, he has featured in almost 20 productions. He has also written and produced his own İndependent Film -‘Landlord’ – and has penned another script entitled “Vigilante – The Day I Become Heaven’s Nightmare” which is currently in production, and scheduled to be released in 2012.

Rob is also a Martial Arts Instructor in his own right, being the English Representative for the Total Combat Fight System (TCFS). He also teaches Street Self-Protection, which influenced by the Total Combat Fight System, as well as ever evolving methods for gun and knife disarming.


Martial Artist Sensei Lucio Marino

Martial Artist Lucio Marino features in Spirit2PowerComing from an athletic sports family background, Lucio always displayed an aptitude for athletic pursuits, starting to learn Karate in 1979 through his father, a Sensei.

Lucio is involved in the Italian military sport group of Guardia di Finanza called “Fiamme Gialle”, which gave him the opportunity to become a professional Karateka winning more than a hundred medals in national and international competitions.

Today, Lucio is a 5th dan Karate Master, a specialist in Shotokan and Shito styles, 2 times World Champion and 7 times European Champion in Kata Team speciality. He also holds silver and bronze medals from the European and World Karate Federation (WKF) Championships, in the Kata individual speciality, and he has over 25 national titles in the Kata and Kumite specialtities. His career has also diversified into Television appearances, and subsequently into feature film.

Lucio holds a degree in Motor Sciences from the University of Naples Parthenope, and he is a level IV European Trainer for National Sport Federations and Associated Disciplines.

He also promotes ‘Sound Karate’ – Karate with music, which employs the productive use of music within the Karate form.